oHaider welcome to my blog.
My names Madisson but Maddi for short works. I'm pretty much like every other 17 year old girl out there, I'm not anything too special. I'm from Canada. I'm second generation Canadian.
A few of my obsessions are Studio Ghibli, Quest for Camelot, Treasure Planet, Rise of the Guardians. A few of my favourite artists/bands are Blink-182, Christian Kane, and Gorillaz. I also love a lot of other different kinds of music, from rock to folk metal to country to techo/dubstep. I'm a girl who play video games, my all time favourite game series are Zelda and Bioshock along with Fallout and Assassins Creed. Anyway it seems as though I'm rambling and ranting, if you like what you've read here and seen on my blog follow me?
I always follow back.
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